U.S.S. Enfield, NCC-1906

Aerion-class History: well into NCC-1701’s second five year mission, after the third refit of the Enterprise, many new technological breakthroughs remained untested as most of the fleet were desperately needed as tensions between the Federation, the Romulan Empire, and the Klingon Homeworld grew in the Alpha Quadrant. Starfleet Engineering Corps decided a scaled-down version of the Constellation-class would provide the most efficient […]

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Working on another LCARS…

…this one, again, for a self-designed ship. this time, instead of Photoshop, i am using Illustrator so everything in vector-based.  this will allow me to re-use many elements in later works. i am even thinking about re-doing some of my previous ones in vector.  this is, of course, a terrible idea, because all i need […]

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U.S.S. Ethalion, LCARS Diagram

with over 1500 layers this time, this is the most detailed LCARS i’ve done yet. again, with a number of Easter Eggs included! can you find them all? to repeat, just in case you were wondering, every pixel here is original: other than the font, and two Easter Egg/LCARS “L” vector shapes, everything else has […]

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